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By was of follow up.  The drill & tap mount for my SMLE III  worked great!.   My gun is now sighted in and everything stayed solid.  Very thoughtful kit you provided.  I was impressed with the detailed instructions and all the tools.  It made for a job well done.  I held a 3″ group at 120 yards.  I can’t do better.  The gun is more accurate than this shooter.

Dave D. – (LE1P mount purchased Apr 2020)

As an Engineer I am most impressed with the design and workmanship of the SKS Slimline mount.  It is, by far, the most robust mount I’ve seen for the SKS. It’s big enough for a variety of optics, and the bolts make sure it isn’t going anywhere.

It’s a tank, it allows the use of stripper clips, and you can still disassemble your rifle without having to remove the rail.  Yes, you do have to drill and tap. But if you’re like me and want to update your SKS for optics and plan to get it out and use it, then it is perfect.

The alignment plates, and drill guide are especially helpful and set this mount apart from the rest.  There’s no guesswork with alignment. The plates hold it level, the mount hugs the receiver, and the heavy duty zip ties secure it during installation. I don’t even have the most steady hands, but being patient and following the instructions got the job done with zero problems.  It turned out great.

Keep the tap oiled, go slow, and occasionally back it up a bit and blow out the chips.

Fit and finish were flawless.  Read the instructions, take your time, and you’ll be very happy.

Ben B. (SKS1P purchased Mar 2019)

Just installed my second mount from your company. Both were for Enfield’s, one was radiused and the other was a 45 deg. Both are Rock solid! Keep up the good work! Wonderful product

Pat M. (LE4P & LE5P purchased in 2018)

My name is Mihai and I am living in Bucharest, Romania. Just I received my parcel from you, a scope mount for my SVT 40. The system is fitting perfect my rifle, looking great and show me how carefully you design and machined the part. No any trim necessary or even minimal adjustments. It’s simply  “plug and play”. Congratulation for engineering and the way you treat my order. I attached few photos for you. Best regards from Bucharest,


“…Immediately installed in the 303 B – No4 MK1 without any problem, resulting in the piece done with great precision, being very happy with your product.”

Agostino B.

“I bought one of your scope mounts last year and found it rock solid. My 303 Enfield No4 mk1 is very accurate at the range.”

Robert O.

“Thanks Gerry, received the mount a few days back, fit like a glove, took no time to install. Great product…”

Marco D.

“The mount has not moved at all and the rifle is ringing our 200 meter gong at the range on every round. I’ve put 40-50 rounds through the rifle and the “peep” sight that is machined in is very accurate.”

Gary M.

“Thank you for building such a great product, I will gladly recommend your mount to anyone who is looking for a top quality smith-less mount for their #4 Lee Enfield.”

Rod P

“I purchased your tri rail mount for my SKS at the outdoorsman show in Mississauga the other weekend. I have bought a few different kinds of rail mounts and have had no luck. I was at the point of selling my SKS out of frustration. Then a friend showed me your booth. I purchased the rail on a chance and I am so glad I did. Thank you guys so much for making an amazing product. I took it out to the range this weekend and everyone was asking me about it. It seems I’m not the only one who has had enough of crappy mounts that don’t stay in place and are made from inferior materials. Thank you so much for renewing my love with my SKS.”

Jeff L.

I would like to say thank you for making a quality product with the highest quality craftsmanship I have seen in a long time. The mount was a perfect fit, came with everything I needed to affix it to my Mark III and was made from the highest quality metals. A small shipping misfortune put my package behind a bit as the customer service representative Ashlea explained, and I had no problem with it-things happen. I receive my package and inside was a note from Ashlea that assured me it would never happen again and that Addley Precision wanted to give me a rail complimentary for my troubles. I could not believe it. No other company would have put that much thought into customer satisfaction and as for such I am a lifetime customer. I will tell everyone I know about your company and my experience. Your products are outstanding and innovative but your employees are rare indeed. Thank you for all that you do and I look forward to many years of trading with Addley Precision!

Heath A.

G’day Just letting you know that my new mount arrived today and looks great. It arrived in 9 days from Canada to Western Australia that’s got to be some kind of record. I will be telling all my friends about your company and products in the future as I believe it will receive a lot of interest here in Australia as we have a long history with the Lee Enfield.Cheers

Les M.