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Scope mount hardware


Your one stop shop for all our spare parts for any mount we sell

If you need a screw kit or Drill and Tap kit or maybe a full hardware kit.  Find your mount and see what is available


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You can find any spare parts for our mount.

Did you lose the mounting hardware or need a drill and tap to remount to another rifle?  This is the place to find it.

Simply located the mount and you will get a list of all the spare parts kits that you can purchase for any one of our mounts


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Lee Enfield No1 (LE1P), Lee Enfield No4-5-JC (LE4-5-JC), P17/P14/<1917 (LEP17), Lee Enfield #4-5 Parade Gun (LE4P-PGS), Swiss K31 (K31), SKS Tri-Rail (SKSDT3P), SKS Slim Line (SKSDT1P), SVT40 Smith-less (SVT40P), SVT40 Tri-Rail (SVT40DP3P), SVT40 Slim Line (SVT40DT1P, K98 Mauser (K98), Swedish Mauser M96 (SM)


Choose A Kit, LE1P Complete Hardware Kit, LE1P Screw Kit, LE1P Drill & Tap Kit, LE1P Clamping Kit, LE4P-5-JC Complete Hardware Kit, LE4P-PGS Complete Hardware Kit, LE4P-PGS Drill and Tap Kit, LE4P-PGS Screw kit with sight plate, LE4P-PGS screw kit without Sight plate, P17 Complete Hardware Kit, SKS Complete Hardware Kit, SKS Screw Kit, SKS Drill & Tap Kit, SVT40 Complete Hardware Kit, SVT40 Screw Kit, SVT40 Drill and Tap Kit, SVT40 Smith-less Complete Hardware Kit, Swedish Mauser Complete Hardware Kit, SM Saddle and Screws, K98 Complete Hardware Kit, K98 Saddle and Screws, K31 Complete Hardware Kit, K31 Steel Mount Base