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34mm Precision Scope Rings


Introducing the Addley Precision 34mm Scope Ring set.  The next evolution in scope mounting technology

Scope Ring Height  0.97″ – 24.6mm

Choose from our basic kit with Plastic Thumbscrews or the Upgrade kit with Steel Thumbscrews

Add a pair of scope rings to your mount for a one stop shop!

Introducing the Addley Precision Scope Ring set.

Here at Addley Precision we have developed what we believe to be the next evolution in scope ring mounting technology.

After years of watching the industry remain fixated on traditional scope ring mounting solutions that limit accuracy and flexibility, we decided to develop the next evolution in ring design and performance to provide a better product at a competitive price for all gun enthusiast.

What makes these scope rings unique is the way the clamping system works. We utilize a linear dovetail slide which applies all the force of the locking screw to clamp the ring base to the rail. This style of clamp is an improvement over the traditional design that cantilevers between the ring and rail and does not provide adequate clamping pressure.

Traditional rings make up for the lack of clamping force by utilizing a cross bolt design that helps to prevent the ring from sliding on the rail.

Our new design no longer requires a cross bolt or pin. The dovetail linear slide can now provide all the required clamping pressure to the rail by simply tightening the cap screw or thumbscrew provided. This allows for maximum flexibility of mounting positions as now a scope can be quickly moved back and forth along the rail allowing for easy adjustment of eye relief.

Once a scope has been installed and zeroed, our unique design allows for the scope and ring assembly to be removed from the rifle and reinstalled without re-zeroing the scope. The scope can now be completely removed from the rail or moved along the rail without losing positional accuracy. This allows different types of scopes to be set up on the same rifle and interchanged quickly without compromising accuracy.

Many scope rings are an extruded part which make the clamping diameters inconsistent. Traditionally the bore would need to be honed to make them round and help with alignment. Our rings are precision CNC machined from 7075 aluminum and the clamping diameters are bored to a high tolerance which eliminates the need for any further modifications. We black anodized our scope rings for many years of resistance to elements and rugged use.




Weight .210 kg
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 6 cm

Basic Kit – with Plastic Thumbsrews, Upgrade Kit – With Steel Thumbscrew