We now offer scopes from Scorpion Optics!

Scorpion Optics is a Canadian company based in Manitoba.

Every scope we offer is covered by a fully transferable, lifetime warranty!  Seriously, a lifetime warranty, not one of those 1 year, or 5 year deals – these scopes are guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

Scorpion Optics offers a unique system called Range – Dial – Shoot (RDS).  The RDS system works by providing you with an adjustable turret cap with etched positions.  Each cap is specific to each caliber and bullet weight, and is calculated to give the appropriate elevation setting for any distance.  Simply find you range, set the cap to that distance, and your good to shoot!  No more guessing at your hold over for your target!

Now that you have had a look at scopes, how about some rings to hold it down?

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